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SOA 2.0 – What is it all about?

What went wrong with Sound Of Aarhus 1.0?

Have you ever created something and felt like you lost yourself in the process. Be it something creative or a regular job. That was the main problem with SoundOfAarhus (SOA) prior to the changes. Throughout the process of creating, shaping and running our little baby-project things literally pilled up around us, while studies levelled up and mental stress was laying just around the corner.

Our project started out of lifeblood, pure passion and an endless love for music. We simply loved creating and writing in the start of SOA, but somehow along the road our project transformed into a time-consuming creator that made us feel like we were never able to live up to our own self-made expectations. In the end running SOA just became devastating. Our fantastic readers constantly kept entering our world, so our expectations grew leading to an even more stressful project. After a summer with less activity due to all the major Danish festival, we decided to take a break – and what a decision.

What is the concept of Sound Of Aarhus 2.0?

Let us make something clear. SOA will still continue to be an inspirational platform focusing on hidden gems derived from music-loving hemispheres. Where SOA 1.0 focused on being the first in competition with GAFFA, this new version do not give a shit about sharing news as the first media. We simply want to write about the bands, releases and gigs we find interesting. This means that our medium will intensify the focus on hidden gems and the birthing of such work. At the same time we will narrow our genre-scope to focus mainly on genres like indie-rock, indie-pop, alternative and electronica. This is not due to a lack of interest in other genres, but simply due to a lack of knowledge in these genres. We don’t want to judge and review stuff we don’t feel we are capable of. These things have to be fair.

The major changes made with our new SOA 2.0 will be a stronger focus on:

  • Visuals: A lot of bands and artists make brilliant videos and use a lot of time producing and creates these. We want to acknowledge this, therefore our new website is created to showcase this in a better way. Beside this we will be start looking for more photographers to attend gigs, parties and showcases, so we can bring all you guys the entire feeling of being present there. At the same time we will be looking for people with video-skills. By producing and sharing more live-sessions in the future, we want to share the sound of pure and raw talent. Live sessions have always been the thing to hear if you want to figure out if some artists is in fact talented outside of the studio, just as the live gigs are.
  • New Review Method: On SOA 1.0 we reviewed from one to five stars with half stars included. This has been changed on our new website. From now on we will review from one to six stars, but with sub-reviews. Imagine attending a gig at a venue in Aarhus, with an artist blowing you away with an amazing performance, but at the same time the lights were on and only four people attended. In the future we will focus more on a gig as a full packet for the evening but with subparts like attendance, venue performance, support and main act. Therefore a night like that would maybe receive full stars for performance, but only 2/6 stars for attendance. The average of these sub-reviews will lay the bricks for the total amount of stars for the event as a whole
  • Focus on hidden gems: In our mail system we receive a ton of mails and I mean A LOT! In the future we will be focusing more on our own research of the online blogosphere, social medias and use parts of the inbox. Hidden gems in music do not necessarily have PR material prepared, so in the future a hint or a message will be enough. Our new editorial freedom will allow us to merge established with emerging artists, thus aiding the latter hopefully reaching the limelight. If you ever attend a gig with a band that, in your opinion, deserves a public feature let us know. We are only as good at scouting as you guys allow us to be.
  • Events: Let us make something clear. We would love to host more events like the one we hosted last year at HeadQuarters. We had a blast and meet a lot of awesome people at that event. In the future we will do our best to create as many brilliant events, showcases and live-sessions as possible. We sincerely hope you guys will support and stop by for a beer and a hug! 
  • Responsive Website: The new website itself is a new thing for us. Our talented IT guy Ryan has made it responsive, so from now on it will not be crap on your 2015-ish iPhone 6. From now on the site will suit your phone, tablet or whatever perfect!
  • New Calendar: At this very moment Ryan is working on our new calendar feature. You may already have seen that it is not present on our new website, but that is not because we don’t want it anymore, it’s only due to the fact that we needed a better one. The previous one we had to update manually which ended up as really time-consuming and a shitty task, especially when all you wanted to do was write about music. Our new calendar will include as much as possible, be it a gig at a café in town or the ones at major venues in town.

Let us make something clear. We want to be an inspirational platform focusing on hidden gems derived from music-loving hemispheres. In the future you shall see SoundOfAarhus as a playground for creativity with you not only as a reader, but as a producer. If you have writing skills, know how to handle a camera or are an eagle with a microphone in an interview situation – let us know ‘cause we want you on board our little ship!

Release Video for SOA 2.0 Website

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  • Simon Toftdahl Olesen says: January 15, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    Awesome job, you guys! I’m digging the 2.0 plan – all the best to you!

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