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Josef Salvat Shares Epic Video, And Danish Bands Can Learn A Lot From It

The Australian singer Josef Salvat just released the most epic video ever and Danish artists and bands can really learn a lot from the irony he shows in it. The video is simple and the content pretty straight forward; Josef just invites us as viewers into the world behind the running cameras, and then adds a large portion of irony of all the clichés from a long line of legendary music videos. The thing is it is so plain simple that it really works all over the world. Why? Because it is so perfectly well suited for his persona, style and music.

Please, No More Lyric Videos and LSD Visuals

It is very sweet with lyrics videos, and videos of a mimicking band that looks tough in a cold shed outside a suburb in Jutland, but ultimately your music video should be regarded as a film – a film must have a story or some kind of content before I waste 4-5 minutes of my life to see it. A lyrics video or some kind of weird fancy visuals will not bring that cognitive ecstasy. If the behind-the-scenes video is more exciting than the original video, then alarm bells should ring – loud.

If that’s the case then I can as well hear the song on one of the other options such as SoundCloud or Spotify. That is also perfectly fine with me if a song is supposed to only be published on these platforms, but if you absolutely feel the urge to publish a video on Youtube, keep in mind that it follows that you have a responsibility to create a viewer-friendly video, why else make a video at all?

“If the behind-the-scenes video is more exciting than the original video, then alarm bells should ring – loud.”

A good example of a great video we came across recently that was just as simple as Josef Salvat’s, was the Aarhus-based five-piece Astronaut who took it the extra mile, and recorded a really simple one-take video in an old Russian Jet Fighter. In short, it’s a great story for blogs and magazines all over the world to tell. Tell a good story, and that story can go places online you did not even knew existed.

The main problem by overlooking your music video, and do some quick second-rate mess of inferior or mediocre quality, is that you lose the opportunity to earn a little money for your band. You can actually make a good amount of money as an artist by making a video people actually bother to watch – even better if they want to replay it over and over again. Moreover, you can optimize your own personal brand and your band’s brand by spending a little time on a video with a great story. Ultimately, this can help you, your band and your music go even further.

It’s not about shifting the focus from the music, after all it is still the most important thing that it sounds great, but it’s about the fact that your video must act an appropriate companion to the sound. Just look at the success local KnowTheirName experience by teaming bands together with appropriate brands. They expand the pie for both the band and the brand.

It’s Not About Making Shitty Music With Great Visuals

It all comes down to one successful video. In today’s world your song can even be mediocre and still make it big-time with the right video on Youtube. Remember GangNam Style, right. Don’t take this the wrong way. Again, I do not want to recommend you, as an artist, to make shitty music and focus mainly on the visuals. I am just saying that you should not forget about the video – not to mention the potential of it as a universal language for people all over to the world. It can take you and your band a long way.

I guarantee you that if you make awesome videos, blogs and magazines will write about it. In the end all blogs and magazines want is content, and a storyline in a video will give your own PR material that content in addition to the track it self. More people will feel the urge and obligation to check it out.

Now we only need one thing: To book Josef Salvat to Aarhus as soon as possible.

What is your personal opinion about music videos – does the content of a video matter at all for you when you watch a track on e.g. Youtube? Feel free to leave a comment below. 

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