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9 Albums You May Have Missed In 2014

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We know everyone has been pummeled to death by year end ‘best of’ lists from everywhere, and it may be seen as totally conceded and snobbish to come out with something that just rubs your face in the fact that you didn’t listen to or buy enough records last year, but these were albums that I metaphorically “wore out” over the year and had plenty of time to ingest while stuck on DSB platforms, airport gates and trash-finding walks in north Aarhus.

I felt that 2014 was a really strange year for music. Listening to songs never seemed easier yet difficult at the same time, and buying it physically became breezy again due to the re-appearance of vinyl on every street corner. Still, it was a year with so many ways to tally up ‘sales’ of music that it seemed evident that only teenagers and stay-at-home moms knew how to do it: Taylor Swift and a Disney soundtrack were the only two saviors of the ‘record’ industry as we know it, while Thom Yorke has allegedly made 20 million US dollars on selling his record (somehow) on bit torrent. It truly boggles me. I just buy records I like, thankful that I can hear them (for free) at home before I purchase. Here are 9 of my favorites that nobody else seemed to rate. Proof that I have awful taste in music probably.

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  • Bobby
    Bobby says: January 12, 2015 at 11:37 am

    Just to follow up – a great song from a (mostly) Danish band, but unfortunately not their best album would be:, “X” by Asteroids Galaxy Tour. what do you guys think?

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